Whether you are a parent with a musical child, a professional pianist, an owner of a music venue or educational institution, or just a person who plays for enjoyment, you deserve to play an instrument that sounds beautiful.  Your hands should soar across the keyboard at will, not becoming tangled in sticky keys, broken strings, or sour notes.  Together, we can keep your piano sounding and feeling like new for years to come.


Just like other string instruments, your piano is made of materials that swell and contract with seasonal changes in humidity and temperature.  This means that your piano will go out of tune over time.  If you notice a specific note that sounds off, octaves that clash, or that your piano doesn't sound right when played with other instruments, a piano tuning is probably in order.  Ideally, your piano would be tuned at least twice a year.  A basic piano tuning costs $125, and generally takes one to two hours to complete.


A pitch raise may be required if your piano has not been serviced in a long time.  When every note in a piano is extremely flat, the strings must all be tightened to approximately the correct tension before a fine tuning can be performed.  A pitch raise requires extra time and therefore costs an extra $25 on top of a standard tuning.  If your piano is not played along with other instruments, the piano can be "tuned to itself".  In this case a pitch raise is not required.